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Inspire. Transform. Thrive.

With a high demand for skill advancement and leadership development, we offer coaching, training courses, and consulting services that will empower your team and help them adapt to changing work environments. We tackle staffing challenges from hiring the right candidate to balancing capacity with resources, leadership development from the fundamentals to executive growth, and creating employee connection, fostering an empowering a unified culture. Let us equip your leaders to retain talent, drive results, and boost your bottom line.

Thrive Through Business Consultation.

As a business owner, you want leaders who can effectively lead your teams but also retain your top talent, foster innovation, cultivate productivity, and contribute to your company’s financial success.

Here’s the problem:

Your leaders are juggling many responsibilities and they don’t feel equipped to know how to respond and get it all done. Whether your leader is driving the day to day activities, hiring, coordinating 1:1s and meetings, talking to customers, leading a presentation, or trying to understand and assess their team’s performance with data, each activity is critical to your overall success. The work you and your team do is too important to leave to chance. You want your people to walk out at the end of the day feeling like they won, because if they feel this way, your customers will too.

How it works: 

When you partner with me, I will assess the needs of your team, and work alongside you and your leaders on a personalized plan to make the positive change you want. This plan includes dedicated time to meet with your leaders (individually or in group settings), understand the roadblocks and opportunities, help them build the skills needed, and a plan to effectively support your business goals.


Tailored to meet your specific needs. Areas of expertise include:

Leadership and/or 1:1 Coaching

Driving Engagement / Culture

Coaching & Development

Utilizing Data to Lead

Process Improvement

Hiring to Retention Strategies

Change Management

Performance Management

Capacity Planning and Creating Work Efficiencies


Virtual and onsite is available per request and review.

Schedule a free 20-45 min consultation to discuss how I can help. 

Hear From Our Clients

You have a gift for inspiring others and bringing out the best in people. You have helped each one of us grow, improve and shine all while making us feel individually unique.


Shannon P.

Jennifer is one of a kind. A true superstar and mentor, it just comes natural to her. She encouraged me to lead with the approach and style that works for the teams I have led in the past. I really appreciate how she challenged me while helping me grow my Business Acumen.


Matt A.

From day one, Jennifer took me under her wings and taught me everything a successful leader should know. Her mentorship, leadership style and kind nature made a huge impact on not only myself but the entire department. She knows how to keep calm when there is a storm and can see hidden talent and skills in her team. Her perfect leadership style is one of the best things I have experienced in my professional career.


Farzana H.

Career Development Coaching

Do you want to develop key skills and experiences to support your success in your current role and beyond?

Are you unsure how to prepare for your next role?

Do you want to understand what competencies and performance you need to demonstrate to be ready, and the actions you need to take today in this season of waiting for that role?

Are you unsure how to address the constant demands of the day to day, while wanting to do so much more for your team?

Are you faced with roadblocks you don’t know how to tackle and need a partner to help you look at the opportunities and create solutions you can implement?

If so, I can help!

Throughout my career, I have faced the same questions and have not only cultivated solutions that have assisted me, but I’ve also been able to support my leaders and associates on how to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and build confidence in knowing what to do next.

How it works: 

Whether you would like to meet in 30 min or 1 hour intervals, weekly, biweekly, or monthly, I’m in it with you to help you feel in control of your development and growth. We’ll focus on what matters most to you, your goals, any challenges, create a personalized action plan, and determine what success looks like.


I can meet with you individually or as a package in 3-5 sessions. Pricing is based on the needs of the client.


Zoom (30 min or 1 hour increments)


Schedule a free introductory consultation to get to know one another, discuss your goals, and how I can help. 

Client Testimonials

You always give me what I need to be successful.


Jill V.

You’ve taught me more in the past year as a leader than my entire career.


Sara T.

Having just finished my inaugural year in people leadership, I can truly say that working with Jennifer Murphy has been transformative for my career. Her exceptional leadership has not only refined my skills but also equipped me to confidently navigate the diverse challenges that accompany leading others. Her mentorship has been invaluable in shaping my professional growth and fostering a deep sense of purpose in my work and career. I am truly grateful for her unwavering support, guidance and mentorship.


Josh J.

Jennifer’s insight into meaningful change in employee behavior has been invaluable to my success as a first time people leader. She is thoughtful and a great mentor. I truly appreciate the time she spent with me, developing my leadership skills and walking me through difficult performance conversations.


Scott S.

Leadership Courses & Webinars

Topics will include: Balancing All The Things to Building your Staffing Business Case, Driving Productivity, and more!


Coming Soon!