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Does your work environment need a pick-me-up?


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We spend so much of our lives at work, it’s important that we are surrounded by people and experiences that positively influence and shape our lives.

But with the additional stress of being short-staffed, constant change, and an incredibly fast paced work environment, the result can be less than positive.

So how can you make changes that will positively impact those around you?

  • Choose to say something positive when others want to gossip.
  • Be present in 1:1s with your team (don’t multitask).
  • Thank someone for their help, patience, encouragement, time.
  • Be a mentor to someone who is learning.
  • Don’t respond (verbally or in writing) when you are frustrated.
  • Assume positive intent.
  • Take action when you see a need (i.e. helping a peer when they are out of the office).
  • Show up to work…be present, committed, give it your all.
  • Surprise someone with a coffee or special treat.
  • Take ownership and admit when you’re wrong.

The above actions don’t take a lot of time, but what a positive impact they will have on those around you.