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How to Build Inclusivity in Your Team


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Have you ever wondered how to get your team excited, or even interested, in something you need them to do?  

As a leader, it’s incredibly important to give your team members a seat at the table.  This is inclusion.  

The reality is that everyone wants to know what’s going on, they want to be part of the solution, they want to share their ideas and make a positive impact.  

I’ve always been a firm believer that the people on the frontline of the work we do know how to solve many of the challenges we face, but you have to give them a platform to share those ideas.

So how do you create a culture of inclusion?

  • When you’re sharing feedback with someone, ask them for their thoughts and what would good looks like. 
  • When you have someone who consistently performs at a high level (i.e. generating promoter survey scores from your clients, or exceeding a department goal), ask them to share with the team what they’re doing.
  • When you have a problem to solve, bring in your team to talk through the opportunity and brainstorm together on a solution.   Ask them what the roadblocks are?  What can we do differently?
  • When change is coming, ask your team how this will impact them, what questions and / or suggestions do they have?
  • Ask your team if they had a magic wand, what would they add or change about the work they do?  And then talk through what’s in your control today.

People want to feel valued and that they’re making a difference..  Everyone on your team has strengths and gifts they want to share.  The world needs what only that person can give.   It’s as simple as asking, listening, and taking action.

When you give others a seat at the table and allow them to share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences, not only will you make your team stronger, you will learn and grow too.